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How to get listed

Who is entitled to a Directory listing

Any BASW member who subscribes to an enhanced Independents package may submit a listing to the BASW Independents Directory. This is not an automatic process should you be an eligible member and you will need to submit your own unique listing. Do ensure that if you are permanently employed that you are authorised to practice independently before promoting your services. Should you discontinue your BASW membership and/or subscription to an enhanced Independents package, your listing will be removed.

Not a BASW member

Join the largest movement of independent social workers and social care consultants in the UK. BASW offers a range of extra services that are specifically tailored to Independents.

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We first recommend that you browse the Directory to familiarise yourself with what other members have specified within their listing. Then complete the Independents Directory submission form below.

BASW Independents Directory form

Review your listing

Directory listing submissions are checked by an independent moderator before publishing. This can take up to ten working days. We would then encourage you to review your listing and notify us of any corrections.

How to revise a Directory listing

Please submit your revisions to