FAQs for clients

Who are BASW Independents

BASW Independents are members of the British Association of Social Workers who also subscribe to an enhanced Independents membership package. These members practice in a self-employed capacity either full or part-time and most often bring a wealth of professional and academic experience to their practice.

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How to use this website

Simply select the area of relevant professional expertise, type of work and geographical location followed by answering the mathematical question and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

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There is no nationally agreed scale of charges for independent social work or consultancy. Every individual listed within the Directory will operate their own business and will have set and/or negotiate their respective fees largely based on their professional experience along with their applicable business overheads.

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Terms and conditions

By electing to use the BASW Independents Directory, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions. All listed in this Directory are responsible for the legal and ethical accountability of their practice. BASW does not endorse any particular individual or business listed within the Directory and is not liable for the conduct and or services rendered from those individuals.

It is important that you make your own enquiries and satisfy yourself that the person or business you choose is the right one for the task you have in mind. BASW Independents are professionals who adhere to The BASW Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics Addendum, additional guidance for independent social workers. Clients are expected to conduct business in a way that would not deviate the practice of BASW Independents in such a way to compromise their adherence to The BASW Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics Addendum.

As professionals, BASW Independents have a remit to provide an impartial professional opinion based on the evidence and in line with their professional duties and relevant legislation and policy. Sometimes this opinion may not be quite what you had hoped to hear and it is important to understand that if this does happen, you will still be expected to pay for that opinion and for the work done. Using this Directory for soliciting purposes and or internet abuse is not permitted and will be reported to the relevant agencies.


Everyone listed within the BASW Independents Directory, as BASW members, must adhere to the BASW Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics Addendum, additional guidance for independent social workers.

Should you have concerns about an individual and/or services rendered from the BASW Independents Directory not adhering to these codes, you may refer this to the BASW Governance.

Please note that not all Independents are registered within the Directory nor are all Independents members of BASW. Therefore, you may need to contact the relevant regulatory body should the individual of concern be a registered social worker.

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FAQs for Independents

What fees should I charge?

This is a very relative question that requires several considerations such as your business overhead costs, the nature of the work being contracted along with timescales and the client. What we do require is for you to adhere to The BASW Code of Ethics for Social Work and the Addendum: Additional guidance for Independent Social Workers.

"Price professional services in a way that both reflects professional and market value and is fair to customers" Page 4, Running a business, BASW Code of Ethics Addendum, July 2012.

Who can access my Directory listing?

The BASW Independents Directory is a public website allowing anyone who has access to the internet to find it. However, individual listings are not submitted to search engines which means anyone who searches specifically for you via a web engine will not bring up your Directory listing within the results.

How do I add my listing to the Directory?

Submit your Directory listing via the Member Services of the BASW website.

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Why can't I find my listing?

You will only have a listing if your subscription to your BASW membership AND an enhanced Independents package is current. We do not automatically add your listing when you join BASW nor opt-in to an enhanced Independents package. You are required to submit your personal listing individually.

How do I revise my listing?

Please submit your revisions to independents@basw.co.uk.

Why do I have to include an address?

A business address is required to ensure that full contact details are available for potential clients. Should you have concerns about publishing your home office details online, we recommend setting up a new postal address for your business such as a virtual business hub account or using the same address as your limited company (should it be applicable).